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Students of the Preparatory Faculty learned how to celebrate the New Year in Russia

  • 1 December 2015, 00:34
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On December 24th, 2014 the students of the Faculty of Law organized the New Year Party for the Preparatory Faculty students.

The evening began with the Russian students’ presentation of Kirov and our University. They talked about Russian traditions and customs and about holidays in Russia.

Students of the Preparatory Faculty from Sudan, Congo and Egypt also prepared excellent presentations about their countries and their celebration of the New Year.

It was a wonderful surprise when Father Frost appeared in the party. Students danced around the Christmas tree, sang songs, and participated in fun competitions. Father Frost handed out gifts to “artistes” and invited everyone to a festive tea. Everybody talked to each other, took pictures from the Christmas tree.

We hope that students of the Preparatory Faculty will remember for a long time this New Year Party and its warm atmosphere that is so important for a foreigner in a foreign country, as well as the study of the Russian language in VyatSU.


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