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The Basic University celebrates the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture

  • 24 May 2016, 01:38
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The Holiday spread out on several sites of the city and the University.

This year, students and teachers of the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications were joined by students of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences from the Faculties of Linguistics, History, Political Science and Cultural Studies, Sociology and Social Technologies.

It all began with a colorful and crowded procession. Students dressed in costumes of Slavic peoples with VyatSU flags in their hands congratulated the citizens and handed out brochures about the history of the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture.

In the main celebration site – the Philharmonic Square - one could listen to poems in various Slavic and European languages: Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, English and German.

Foreign students from China and Congo recited poems by Russian poets. By tradition, the first part of the Day of Slavic Written Language was finished by a large roundelay symbolizing the sun and Slavic intention to peace and unity.

An opening of a project "Vyatka Cicero" (Vyatsky Tsitseron) continued the festive event. VyatSU teachers and students spoke on a topic: "If you do not read books – you will soon forget the alphabet".

A Literary Hour dedicated to the 130th Anniversary of Nikolai Gumilyov Birthday and a theatrical play by Anton Chekhov’s humorous stories finished the festive program.


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