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Physical metallurgy and metal processing department: a step forward in high damping alloys research

  • 31 January 2014, 15:53
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A big work was started by the scientists of   Physical Metallurgy and Metal Processing  Department, when in 1969  it was headed by Associate Professor, Doctor of Science Y.Favstov.  At this time cooperation of the lecturers and scientists of the university with their colleagues from other higher educational institutions of the country increased.

The main area of the scientific  work of  the department   became  development and research of steels and manganese-copper alloys possessing high damping properties. The study of the materials was caused by industrial demand failing to fight with noises and harmful vibrations of machines and constructions. In spite of high demand for such alloys, our industry practically didn’t produce them.

Yury Favstov managed to make interested his colleagues with his ideas. Scientific and industrial relationships were established with the biggest higher educational institutions of the country: Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Kiev Polytechnic Institute with scientific centers in Metallurgy Institute of Academy of Science named after A.Baikov, Central Scientific Research Institute of Ferrous metals (Moscow), Central Scientific Research Institute of Materials (Leningrad),  industrial enterprises: Moscow Dinamo plant, ZIL (The Likhachev Plant), Electrosila Leningrad association.

In a relatively short period of  Y.Favstov’s work at the department, five lecturers successfully defended thesis, and he himself became a Doctor of Science (in 1976). In three years V.Kondratov ( the future Rector and the President of VyatSU) became a Doctor of Science. From 1973 till 1982 Associate Professor, Doctor of Science A. Korchemkin was  the head of the  department. During this time A. Scvortsov, L. Kochkin, V. Semenovskih defended their thesis under leadership of V. Kondratov.

Science 1982 V. Kondratov became the Head of the Department. At this time the scientific  subject area widened and in 1988 a problem laboratory of high damping materials was established. Scientific-research unit of such level was the only one in the University. Usually problem laboratories are established by special orders of the Ministry of Education for solving really important problems of world science and practice. Problem laboratory deals with the fundamental science, it is a flight of creative thought. It is financed from the federal budget, the fact  that accentuates  its importance.

Here we speak about fundamental and searching researches on damping materials. There are cases of resonance destruction of wings, propeller blades, air-plane fuselages, turbine blades, which are the result of using alloys and steels with low damping capacity. Industrial noises  produced by gearing, pneumatic chipper, motors, boring machines are the fields of using materials with high vibration absorbing properties based on mechanical oscillation energy dispersion.

If we come 20 years back to the meeting of the fifth Ural  school of metallographers devoting to the problems of steels and alloys, which took place in Borovitsa, Kirov region, we’ll  see kirovites among the speakers making rather sensational reports on the symposium. Famous Russian metallophysicist, academician V. Sadovsky, the author of classical works on phase transformations speaking about the reports of kirov scientists, said: It’s a step forward in researches on high damping alloys, in explanation of the mechanism of structural transformations in the metal subjected to different modes of heat treatment.  We can be proud of such opinion of the world-famous scientist.

From the book VyatSU: biography, 1998