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“New opportunities for everyone”: Modern methods of bionanotechnology

  • 24 December 2020, 11:43
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The implementation of the advanced training program opens up new prospects for cooperation with research centers

For the second year in the framework of the federal project “New opportunities for everyone” national project “Education” Vyatka State University implements advanced training program “Modern methods of bionanotechnologies”.

Addressed to scientific and pedagogical workers of universities and employees of scientific organizations, the program forms practical skills in using the methods of molecular biology and electron microscopy as universal and effective tools for working with biological objects and nanostructures. The unique program includes five practical modules: “Atomic force microscopy”, “Transmission electron microscopy”, “Scanning electron microscopy”, “Laser nanotweezers in the study of biological objects”, “Methods of molecular biology. Molecular genetic analysis”.

The program aroused great interest among specialists from leading research centers and scientific and pedagogical workers of educational organizations, including the MIPT, St. Petersburg State University, Almazov National Medical Research Centre, KRIHBT FMBA, IP Komi SC UB RAS, FARС North-East, PRMU, 48 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and others

Listeners from Kirov scientific organizations were able to undergo training on the basis of modern laboratories of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology and the scientific and educational center “Nanotechnology” of VyatSU, observing all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, and participants from other regions mastered unique video practices.

Cooperation with leading scientific organizations opens up new prospects not only in the implementation of joint research projects, but also in the development and implementation of modern science-intensive educational programs, including advanced training programs.

For a year, our university, together with the Institute of Physiology of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been implementing the scientific and educational project “Laboratory of Food 3D Printing”. The start of project was the defense of the final project of the student of our program in 2019, Doctor of Biological Sciences S.V. Popov

Another important result of the implementation of the program “Modern methods of bionanotechnology” last year was the cooperation of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of VyatSU and FARC North-East named after N.V. Rudnitskiy, thanks to whom we not only expanded the range of applied problems to be solved, but also identified the topics of popular educational programs for joint implementation, - said Ekaterina Martinson, Director of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology.

Translated by Anna Dedjuhina


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