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What should Gagarin's park look like?

  • 9 October 2020, 09:20
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Kirov residents formed a public task for designing the Park territory at the “Boiling Point” of VyaSU

Recently it became known that within the framework of the federal project “Formation of the urban environment” the Kirov city administration has planned to improve the territories of Kirov parks.

Gone are the days when, having signed a municipal contract for such work, the administration acted without taking into account opinions of the citizens. Now we can form the public task for the designers ourselves, taking into account real problems and needs, - said the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach, opening the event “Sociocultural research. Development of the territory of Gagarin Park” on October 3 at the university's “Boiling Point”.

First of all, it implies the development of a social position by the method of participatory design.

The discussion was joined by caring residents of Kirov, representatives of the city administration and a large interdisciplinary team of Vyatka State University.

It consisted of architects, urban planners, cultural scientists, designers, specialists in physical culture, including adaptive. All of them have significant experience in the “Headquarters for Positive Changes”, one of the brightest projects of VyatSU, addressed to residents of the regional center and the entire region.

The other side of the discussion was the team of the architectural workshop of MIRER GROUP LLC, which will have to complete the task of the customer. Project Manager Alexandra Bogomolova stressed:

“It is important for us to learn the opinion of users of the territory, to get a public task for designing the Park directly from Kirov residents”.

It was suggested to look at the problems and perspectives of the park from different points of view: a pensioner who is inclined to leisurely pastime; a parent with a child in need of various activities; an athlete arranging outdoor training; students and schoolchildren studying in educational institutions located in the neighborhood; Philharmonic visitors, complementing the concerts with a walk through the nearby territory.

What disadvantages in the operation of the park, from the point of view of all categories of citizens, are the most obvious right now? What must be corrected here, and what must be preserved? What values should be taken into account by the developers of Kirov residents? What innovations do city residents want to see in the park?
Judging by the active work in each of the mini-groups, the questions were hit hard. During the presentation of the conclusions of the group discussion, it became obvious that the audience was unanimous on most points. No matter how tempting the flight of fantasy may be, it is necessary to start with basic solutions: creating convenient parking lots without interfering with vacationers, installing warm toilets, ensuring sufficient lighting in the dark, equipping locker rooms where athletes could leave personal belongings without fear of its safety.

What do Kirov residents want to see in the park? Lots of trees, shrubs and other plants - the park should be a truly green area. Everything here should please the eye, showing examples of beauty and original solutions. The park needs to become a place of comfortable stay for different users - therefore, there is a request for competent zoning. When implementing project ideas, a stylistic vinaigrette is unacceptable; the priority is to follow a single concept. The content of the last paragraph, as expected, caused controversy. What meanings should the park space be filled with? And what topic do residents want to see as the main one: space, music, history?

This question remained open, but the ice has certainly broken. It is hoped that, after completion, the social task will form the basis of the project to renovate one of the traditional places of leisure and recreation for citizens.

Translated by Anna Dedjuhina

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