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The Vyatsu team took second place in the University competition at AtomSkills 2020.

  • 25 August, 01:00
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"Polytech_VyatSU" lost 2 points to the team of the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI".


Dmitry Baranov, Valeria Shapovalova, Ivan Zaba and Grigory Tselishchev - students of the Polytechnic Institute represented Vyatka State University at the Championship. They performed in the "Engineering design" competence. They had to design a building with utilities using information modeling technology, perform calculations and combine all networks with the design of the building itself. Each of the team members performed their task in accordance with one of the roles: heat network engineer, electrical network designer, civil engineer and BIM manager.

Experts noted that the work of the Polytechnic team was very strong.

According to Ivan Gubin, the Director of the VyatSU Polytechnic Institute, the students took part in the Championship for the first time and did not prepare specifically for it.

- The result that our students showed suggested us a new direction in which we can develop. Engineering design is a fairly new competence. We are now negotiating with Rosatom to jointly develop this area at our university, - said Ivan Gubin.

The AtomSkills Championship has been held since 2016 and is the world's largest corporate championship of professional skills using the WorldSkills methodology. AtomSkills participants become experts of competencies, members of the Rosatom National Team, and have been winning the WorldSkills Hi-Tech National Championship since 2015. AtomSkills is a large-scale industry movement that unites schoolchildren, students, specialists and veterans of the nuclear industry.

During the application campaign, which took place from June 24 to July 23, more than 1400 people sent their applications to the site atomskills2020.ru. As a result, 1121 participants were approved for the competition by the experts of the championship, of which 836 were employees of Rosatom, 59 specialists from companies outside Rosatom, 82 participants were representatives of NRNU MEPhI and its branches, and another 144 were students of universities and colleges in Russia.

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