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The winners of the #УчуEnglish_ВятГУ video contest have been announced

  • 26 December 2020, 13:37
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11 creative video projects, group and individual applications. The #УчуEnglish_ВятГУ contest aroused genuine interest among both novice students and master students

For a whole month, students of Vyatka State University shared their ways of learning English. We approached the creation of videos under the motto "Yes to creativity!", Diluting them with tips for learning English, and useful life hacks that will make the learning process easy and interesting.

As a result, the jury came to a decision to select 4 videos performed individually and 4 videos performed in a group.

"Grand Prix" was awarded to Ivan Poroshin for a video in which he offered many interesting ways to learn English.

The jury also noted Arina Sychugova for her interview with the British queen.

Impeccable work was also done by our foreigners, Diira Umarkhodzhaeva and Sardor Saforov, who spoke about their methods of immersion in the English-speaking culture.

In the category "Group Videos", the first place was shared by 2 projects at once:

"Wheel of Fortune", where Vepreva Yulia, Maksimova Valeria, Zmeeva Anastasia, Samylov Alexander and Khlybova Marina created an incredibly cheerful mood and delighted everyone with their talent and artistry, flavored with English, and the project "English in a different way", in which Anna Klabukova and Nikulina Anastasia suggested non-trivial life hacks when learning English.

In addition, the jury appreciated the work of chemistry students (the entire composition of the XM 2501 group), who highlighted the strategic approach in preparing for the English exam on the principle "together we are strength", as well as the video of Diana Perminova, Elizaveta Meteleva and Angela Shurygina.

The organizers sincerely thank everyone for their participation and are looking forward to active students in our new competitions and projects!

Translated by Artemij Sizov

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