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VyatSU student from Sudan became the host of the weather forecast on TV

  • 9 October, 10:33
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Become a famous TV presenter with an engineering degree? Why not!

Meet Haydar Khalil, a 4th year student at the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Design at VyatSU. One of those foreigners in Russia who knows our language, as if he was not born on another continent. Haydar came from the capital of Sudan - the city of Khartoum. He admits that he knew from childhood that Russia would become his second home.

Khaidar Khalil (student of the Polytechnic Institute of VyatSU):

    - I am in Russia and in Kirov because my brother studied here. After completing his studies, he mastered the Russian language well, and I understood that I also want to go to university, learn Russian, and get an engineering degree. I like this profession, and it is in great demand in our country.

We noticed a young man with a spectacular appearance at a VyatSU student asset meeting with the governor of the Kirov region in early September. Khaidar actively asked questions to the head of the region, and a few days later he heard a call from the leadership of the First City Channel. I didn't even think about rejecting that work proposal.

Khaidar Khalil (student of the Polytechnic Institute of VyatSU):

   - Sometimes I talk about the weather +9 degrees Celsius, and then I think that such weather has never been seen in my homeland. We have +18 degrees even in winter. I have been living in Russia for 4 years, it took a long time to get used to this weather, it seems to have worked out. By the way, my parents, whom I have not seen for 3 years, watched my episodes, they really liked it. They just don't understand what I am talking about.

Haydar combines work and study, which is called a 5+. He tries not to miss university events, managed to take part in the Olympiad in the Russian language, and loves meeting with students, where you can talk about your homeland, mentality, and sights. After graduation from the university, Haydar does not plan to leave the walls of Alma Mater. Master's degree at VyatSU is his next step. True, he has not yet decided on the direction, perhaps it will be associated with journalism.

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