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Beauty Contest "Miss VyatSU - 2017" is over

  • 17 March 2017, 14:07
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On March 10th the beauty contest "Miss VyatSU - 2017" was finalized

A qualifying stage has selected 12 girls from different Institutes and Faculties of Vyatka State University to participate in the final. The final stage wasn’t so easy for the girls: the preparation itself took them the whole month; during this period they were busy preparing a joint final dance, worked on their personal images and created individual performances.

According to the organizers of the contest, the final girls’ performances have been designed for the jury to choose the winner by eloquence, creative and intellectual abilities in addition to individual attractiveness. That has made the final choice more objective.

The final results are the following:

The 1st place is taken by Anna Kataeva with a title "Miss Artistry".

The 2nd place is given to Anastasia Zubareva with a title "Miss Energy".

The 3d place is taken by Irina Lakizyuk with a title "Miss Style".


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