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"Studbike-2017" on Theater Square: students, bikers, sportsmen, rock musicians

  • 5 May 2017, 11:48
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On April 29 "StudBike-2017" started on the Theater Square. It was organized by Vyatka State University. This event has given a start to a new moto- and bike-season in Kirov region.

Igor Vasiliev, Head of Kirov region together with Vladimir Bykov, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Kirov region, Vladimir Klimov, Main Federal Inspector for Kirov Region, and Metropolitan Mark, as well as members of Kirov regional biker-clubs took part in this prominent event.

"Vyatka Cossacks" group, students of Vyatka State University with their best songs and dances of "Student Spring-2017", as well as officers of Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN of Russia), students of the military-patriotic club "Zvezda" and town rock bands made their performances for Kirov citizens and guests.

«We have experienced a long and boring winter and now we are opening the season of motorcycles, bicycles, roller skates, sneakers, healthy lifestyles, fishing, hunting and enjoying life!» -  Valentin Pugach, VyatSU acting Rector addressed the audience.

The visit of Mark, Metropolitan of Vyatka and Slobodskoy has become a pleasant surprise for everybody, when he appeared in front of the stage driving a powerful motorcycle and demonstrated his driving skills to the guests of the event.

It is already the second time "StudBike" is held in spring and it has become a good tradition of Vyatka State University.

To finalize this event some sports competitions between VyatSU students and town bikers have been held that day.

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