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VyatSU staff takes part in swimming competitions

  • 2 May 2017, 10:41
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On April 26 VyatSU swimming pool held the competition for the university staff within an annual University Sports Contest (Spartakiada).

56 participants (28 men and 28 women) decided to make a break in their scientific and pedagogical activity, and to take part in swimming competitions in friendly informal atmosphere. All the participants were divided into age groups, but all had the same distance to swim - 50 meters in freestyle.

Disregarding ageing groups the fastest result among men (30.24 seconds) belongs to Alexey Kostin, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor and director of VyatSU Institute of Humanitarian and Social Sciences. Among women the best time (43.45 seconds) was shown by Natalia Mishchenko, associate professor of the Department of Physical Education.

All participants enjoyed the event, regardless of their outcomes. Even not the prize-winners met the requirements of the Ready for Labour and Defence program (GTO).

The Department for educational and social work and the Faculty of physical education and sport remind everybody that monitoring one's health and living actively is an excellent way to be the best not only at the University Spartakiada Games, but also in scientific and educational sphere.

The next and final part of the Spartakiada Games among VyatSU staff is athletics competitions. It will be held at “Prometheus” stadium in mid-May. There will also take place a ceremony of awarding winners in these swimming competitions.

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