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“New opportunities for everyone” at VyatSU: improving the qualifications of pharmaceutical industry specialists

  • 21 December 2020, 09:56
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New educational program of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology

As part of training scientific and pedagogical personnel and employees of organizations for the implementation of modern continuing education programs of the federal project “New opportunities for everyone” of the national project “Education”, the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Vyatka State University has developed and is implementing a new additional professional training program “Provisions of the rules of proper Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”.

The program contributes to the development and improvement of the competencies of scientific and pedagogical workers, employees of scientific organizations and high-tech companies in the development and implementation of modern basic and additional educational programs aimed at introducing the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the organization of biopharmaceutical production.

The program was attended by over 165 specialists from the largest biopharmaceutical companies, including GENERIUM, NANOLEK, BIOCAD, GEROPHARM, R-Pharm, AVVA RUS, etc., and more than 75 employees of leading scientific and educational centers: Almazov National Medical Research Centre, IP Komi SC UB RAS, KRIHBT FMBA, FARС North-East, PRMU, MIPT, St. Petersburg State University, etc.

Considering that the implementation of the requirements of good productive practice has its own specifics for each production, the implementation of our program will become a driver for the emergence of a whole range of continuing education programs, taking into account the characteristics of specific industries, and will contribute to the development of a system of continuing education in organizations whose students have mastered this program, - noted the director of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology Ekaterina Martinson

One of the most numerous groups of students was made up by the employees of NANOLEK LLC. And this is not accidental, because the company not only pays great attention to training its personnel, but is also the main partner of VyatSU in the development of innovative training programs for specialists in the pharmaceutical industry.

New ideas that appear during training will definitely be embodied in our new joint programs, - expressed confidence

Maria Momotyuk, the listener of the program, the leading HR manager of NANOLEK LLC.

Translated by Anna Dedjuhina

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