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VyatSU and Kurchatov Institute - the development of biotechnology

  • 26 July 2019, 09:56
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In the framework of the “An Island 10-22” educational intensive Valentin Pugach, the Rector of VyatSU, held a working meeting with the management of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” 

During the meeting, the parties discussed the implementation of the cooperation agreement signed in May last year between Vyatka State University and the Kurchatov Institute.

The subject of the agreement was the coordination and the most efficient use of the scientific, innovative and educational potential of the parties to obtain world-class scientific results and the implementation of innovative developments. A key area of ​​collaboration is the development of biotechnology.

For VyatSU joint work with such an authoritative scientific center as the Kurchatov Institute is an important step in positioning the University as a platform for developing and implementing innovative projects selected by NRC.

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