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Professional educational program for advanced training of polymers at VyatSU - the choice of ENANO-2020

  • 29 December 2020, 09:44
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1st place in the annual competition among developers of distance modules within the framework of educational programs created by order of the RUSNANO Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was awarded to the team of Vyatka State University

The results of the annual competition "Choice of eNano", held among the developers of remote modules within the framework of educational programs commissioned by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO, have been summed up.

The selection of the winners was carried out by an expert commission in the process of technical monitoring of the development of electronic training courses (EUC) according to such criteria as the level of content of the EUC, the adaptability of training materials for use in the EUC format, the convenience of the EUC user interface, and the independence of development (using our own resources at all stages of the EUC creation university).

I place was awarded to the team of polymers of Vyatka State University for the development of the course "Agrochemicals: range, properties and production technologies", created within the framework of the OPDPO in the field of obtaining agrochemicals of prolonged action with polymer coatings.

The program reflects current trends in the development of the industry of nanocomposites based on biodegradable polymer materials. It examines the features of the nanostructure of polymers, providing a set of unique properties of agrochemicals based on them; studied the development trends of the nanoagrochemicals market, consisting in the development and application of innovative brands of nanocomposites in the field of agriculture. Also, much attention is paid to the technological and hardware features of the production of innovative fertilizers.

The program from the professionals of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of VyatSU is aimed at solving specific problems in the field of advanced training of specialists in engineering, technical and agrochemical orientation.

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