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Department of industrial and applied ecology

  • 5 March 2018, 09:38
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The department trains specialists who are able to deal with the development of targeted measures for the greening of production - these are both environmentally friendly technologies, mandatory ecological expertise of new projects, and the creation of low-waste technologies for a closed cycle.

Environmental engineers activities:

- development, design, commissioning, operation and improvement of environmental technologies

- organization and management of environmental work in enterprises and territorial-industrial complexes

- expertise of projects, technologies and productions

- certification of products in order to achieve maximum environmental safety, reduce the risk of anthropogenic impact on the environment

Objects of professional activity of environmental engineers

-          These are sources of environmental impact: solid, liquid and gaseous wastes; control systems for discharges, emissions and solid wastes; waste recycling processes; means and methods for monitoring and controlling the negative impact on the environment.

The environmental specialist has knowledge in different spheres of activity. That is why they are in demand in various industries.

Our graduates work in almost all the enterprises of the Kirov, such as JSC «VMP «AVITEC», JSC «Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant» and many others.

Graduates also work in the office of the Federal service for supervision of natural resources in the Kirov region, the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare and other public institutions.

In addition, they are employed in planning and surveying organizations (JSC «Kirovproject», etc.).

Our graduates successfully defend their theses and build scientific careers.

Bachelors have an opportunity to enroll in the magistracy of Vyatka State University and receive a master's degree. Magistracy of chemical directions of any other Russian universities are also available to them.

After graduation, they can continue education and enter postgraduate program of our university or other universities in Russia.


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