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Department of economics

  • 6 February 2018, 08:03
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The Department of Economics was established on the basis of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship of the Socio-Economic Faculty of Vyatka State University, which in turn was the successor of the Department of Political Economy of the Kirov Polytechnic Institute.

The Department trains and graduates:

 - Bachelors of the direction "Economics" (profile "Economics of enterprises and organizations", "World Economics, Labor Economics»)

- Masters of the direction "Economics" (profile "Economics of enterprises and organizations".

- Graduate students of the direction "Economics" (the direction "Economics, organization and management of enterprises, branches, complexes»)

The Department implemented the disciplines taught at the faculties of the University for students of all directions of studying.

 In 2016, in connection with the merger of the two universities, the Department of Economics and Labor Resources of the VSHU was joined to the Department of Economics.

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