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Department of linguistics and translation

  • 9 March 2017, 14:44
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The Department of linguistics and translation is in charge for the following Bachelor’s, Master’s and Postgraduate’s study programs:

Linguistics. Profile: Translation and Translation Studies;

Linguistics and Literature Science. Profile: The Theory of Language.


Advanced Skills Training

All teachers of the Department have completed postgraduate study, courses or research internships, including those at foreign universities (USA, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and China).


Scientific Research

The scientific research at the Department is carried out in the following basic area of science: "Russian humanistic values: language, culture, history".

The main objectives of the work are: the development of teachers’ research and involving students into a scientific working process.

The Department runs a Scientific laboratory of experimental phonetic and perceptual studies of languages with various ​​typological system (together with Perm Scientific Center of UB RAS; headed by Prof. O.V.Baykova)

It should be noted that the lecturers of the Department take an active part in various all-Russian and international conferences and seminars where they present the main results of their scientific research; that are, namely, the VI Congress for the Russian Union of Germanists (SamSU, Samara), Linguistics and its position in the interdisciplinary scientific area (Kirov, VyatGGU) Historical linguistics of the German language of the IX century (Dresden, Germany), the Third Congress of German philology (Seville, Spain), German linguistics in Italy (Rome, Italy), XX Purishev’s readings (Moscow, Moscow State Pedagogical University), the International Conference "Russian and foreign readers" (Moscow, Moscow State Pedagogical University), and others.

International Cooperation

The lecturers of the Department of linguistics and translation take an active part in organizing and carrying out various international scientific conferences and seminars together with their partner-universities. Every year the teachers and students are trained abroad, participating in scientific and educational traineeships in Germany, Austria, USA, UK, China, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and other countries.

The Department has established international cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), the University of Vienna (Austria), the University of Göttingen (Germany), the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg (Germany), the Institute of East German History and Folklore named after Kuntsig (Freiburg, Germany) for their further joint research and teaching work.


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