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Department of electronic computing machines

  • 26 March 2017, 13:40
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The Department of electronic computing machines prepares engineers, bachelors, masters and post-graduates in Computer Science and Engineering.

The available Profiles:

- Computers, complexes, systems and networks;

- Software for computers and automated systems.

The Department is a place of work of highly qualified teachers, including 2 Professors and 9 Associate Professors, 2 Doctors and 9 Candidates of Sciences, 2 Members of the International Academy of Informatization, one Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The Department is in charge for three specialized laboratories of Modern programming technologies, computer circuit design, and peripheral computer devices.

Today the Department works in the following directions:

• modern study programs for graduates in the field of international IT- technologies;

• practical and laboratory training using unique computer classes with telecommunications access to a supercomputer cluster and resources of an international network of scientific and data centers;

• training courses for skilled administrators and system programmers for computer networks and cluster systems with a possibility to pass the standard exam for the international certificate.

An active work is conducted in the laboratories of the Virtual Reality, Designing of Intelligent Systems, Modern Programming and the student’s design bureau named Intelligent Robotic Systems.

Since 2010 the Department has been working with NVIDIA - one of the largest companies to produce massively parallel server accelerators, professional graphics and gaming consoles.


Scientific Research

Main research directions:

- The theory, design and application of inference systems;

- Theory and application of supercomputing technology and parallel systems;

- Theory and application of hybrid intelligent systems;

- Theory and application of neural and fuzzy systems;

- Research and development of analysis and synthesis methods of DNA structures and their use in bio-computer systems.

The Department has created a contemporary Research and Education Center (SEC) «Supercomputing technologies and systems."

Today the Department is still preparing highly qualified specialists in the field of computers and information technology, adapting to new circumstances and increasing its scientific potential.

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