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Department of Fundamental Informatics and Applied Mathematics

  • 26 March 2017, 12:20
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Bachelor's study programs:

Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Possible Profiles:

Mathematical Modeling and Computational Mathematics

System Programming and Computer Technologies

Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies


Master’s Study Programs:

Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Possible profiles:

Parallel Programming Technologies and High Performance Calculation


Postgraduate’s study programs:

Computer and Information Sciences: Theory of Informatics;

Informatics and Computer Engineering: Theory of Informatics
Information Security: Methods and Systems of Information Security


The Department runs two research laboratories:

A Laboratory of intellectual systems;

A Laboratory of mathematical modeling.


Scientific research at the Department:

Text-data mining;

Data mining process of studying Informatics and applied Mathematics;

Donaghey's transformation;

Mathematical modeling of concentrated energy sources’ impact on structural materials;

High-performance and high-precision computation;

Free software development;

Complex technical systems reliability,  quality control and risk assessment.


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