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Department of materials science and design principles

  • 3 December 2017, 10:16
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The Department of Materials Science and design principles is a part of the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Design.

It was created in 2013 on the base of 3 departments: "Materials Science and Technology of Materials", "Fundamentals of Machine Design", "Welding Technologies and Materials Mechanics".

The department has highly qualified staff and a modern instrument base. This base designed to provide the educational process and a full cycle of research, such as thermal processing of materials, research of chemical composition, structure and mechanical properties. All these opens wide opportunities for solving complex technological problems of high-tech engineering industries.

There are 5 main directions of research work at the Department:

-          Development of steels and alloys with specified functional and physico-mechanical properties.

-          Study of the strength of structures in the field of elastic and elasto-plastic deformations.

-          Theory of oscillations and stability.

-          Mechanics of fracture and experimental mechanics.

-          Improving the reliability and durability of mechanical transmission.

The Department trains bachelors and masters in "Material Science and technology of materials ".

Within the framework of the postgraduate studies the department trains highly qualified specialists of the in the field of "Technology of Materials"(profile "Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys").

An additional professional educational program "Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals" is opened at the Department. The Department of Materials Science and Design principles  conducts advanced training courses in the field of "Metallurgy and Heat Treatment", "Metrology, Standardization and Certification", etc.

Highly qualified staff of specialists, having many years of experience in researching materials, conduct the following work:

- qualitative and quantitative analysis of alloy structures;

- determination of mechanical characteristics of materials;

- quality assessment and analysis of defects in materials, blanks, products;

- recommendations for materials selection and strengthening processing;

- Calculations for strength, rigidity and reliability, calculations of machine parts, technical measurements on precision measuring and test equipment, conducting research work for graduate students training.

There are 10 teaching and research laboratories at the Department:

1. Metallographic laboratory

2. Thermal laboratory

3. Laboratory of welding and casting

4. The laboratory of special methods of casting

5. Laboratory for mechanical testing

6. Laboratory of strength of materials

7. Laboratory of mechanics

8. Laboratory of theory of mechanisms

9.Laboratory machine parts

10. Laboratory of technical measurements


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