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Department of technology and methods of teaching technology

  • 30 November 2017, 10:44
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The Department was established in 1959. The first name of the Department was the Department of General technical disciplines (GTD). The head of the Department was F. A. Trefilov. The Department has trained teachers of technical disciplines and labor training.

It was the first Department in Russia where the teachers of labor education for schoolgirls began to train.

Since 1987 the Department began training in specialty “Handicraft lessons”

 In 1995, the Department of methods of labor education opened postgraduate study in the specialty "Theory and methodology of teaching and education (technology and GTD)."

In 1997, the Department was renamed to the Department of theory and methodology of teaching technology and entrepreneurship.

Since 2001, the Department has become a graduate in two specialties: "Design of garments" and "Technology of garments".

Since 2005, the Department has been renamed into the Department of Technology and methods of teaching technology.

In 2016, the direction of training “Pedagogical education (profile: “Technology. Additional education”)” has been opened.

Currently Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor L.V. Morilova heads the Department.

Research areas:

• Professionalization of the technology and entrepreneurship teachers, information support for general technical and methodical training of university students - future technology teachers; informatization of technological education of schoolchildren in conditions of basic and additional education;

• development of evaluation methods and research of consumer properties of fabrics; safety of children's clothing;

• creation of new forms of clothing and modern models based on folk and historical costumes;

• Investigation of the effect of heat flow on the physical and mechanical properties of fire-retardant materials.