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Department of theoretical and structural mechanics

  • 14 December 2017, 10:28
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The Department of Theoretical and structural mechanics was founded in 1963, and was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Nikolai Alekseevich Kukushkin.

In 1974, Doctor of technical Sciences Pavel Dmitrievich Levashov headed the Department of Theoretical and Structural Mechanics.

 Since 1980, Levashov led research work conducted jointly with the research and production association “Molniya”. The essence of the work "Investigation of the strength problems of individual units and aggregates for a space shuttle of “Buran” type". In 1988, Levashov defended his doctoral dissertation in this direction.

In 1999, Candidate of Technical Sciences Aleshkin Alexey Vladimirovich headed the department.

All research work of Aleshkin was connected with development of machines in agricultural industry.

In 2001, based on the research conducted, Alexey Vladimirovich defended his doctoral dissertation.

Annually, within the All-Russia scientific and technical conference of Vyatka State University "Science - Production - Technology - Ecology", scientific conferences on mechanics of deformable solids are held at the Department.

Since 2007, Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Timofeev organizes annual student internship Olympiads on theoretical mechanics.

Under his leadership VyatGU team takes prizes and places of honor at international and Russian Olympiads.

In 2008, based on long years research, which was begun under the guidance of professors P.D. Levashov and V.M. Kondratov, V.M. Shishkin defended his doctoral dissertation on the problems of finite element calculations of structures from damping materials.


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