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Department of woodworking machinery and technology

  • 30 November 2017, 15:04
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Over the course of its work, the department has trained more than 2,000 specialists for machine building enterprises, timber complex and furniture industries.

In 1970, to train mechanic engineers for woodworking industries the specialty 0519 “Machines and mechanisms of woodworking” was opened.

For the effective operation of the wood processing industry in Kirov region qualified personnel needed, so In 1974, the Department of "Machines and mechanisms for woodworking industry" was opened.

The first scientific direction of the department was the development and improvement of technology and equipment for the manufacture of products from wood-plastic masses.

In the early 80s, the scientific direction of the department was the creation and improvement of equipment for sawmilling and woodworking industries.

Today the Department trains:

Engineers on the specialty "Designing technological machines and complexes", specialization "Designing technological machines of the timber complex"

Bachelors in the field of "Technology of logging and woodworking industries", the profile "Design and technology of furniture and house building"

Masters in the direction "Technology of logging and woodworking industries", the profile "Technology of woodworking"

Postgraduate students on the specialty 05.21.05 "Wood Science, Technology and Woodworking Equipment"

The main directions of scientific activity:

"Optimization of sizes of sawmilling in the case of a block-slitting method of cutting";

"Research of the dynamic quality and longevity of timber machines components;

"Research of the dynamic characteristics of circular saws";

  "Formation of the elements of spike joints by an energy-saving, non-waste way of face pressing of wood blanks.

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