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Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • 1 August 2017, 10:40
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The Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded in 1973. In 2005 the Faculty was renamed into the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In 2016 the Faculty was included into VyatSU Polytechnic Institute.

High academic and scientific potential of the Faculty is provided by the staff, 60 % of which are Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. Besides there are 5 Academicians and Corresponding members of international academies and 1 honored architect of the Russian Federation.

About 70-75% of qualification diploma projects of the students are evaluated by "good" or "excellent" marks. Every year about 6-10 diplomas with honors are awarded there.

The Faculty has its own academic and laboratory building with modern equipment. Faculty’s own display classes are equipped with modern computers and can be used for student’s course and diploma works.

There are advanced training courses for managers and specialists in civil engineering at the Faculty. The range of specialties is constantly varies taking into account the requests from construction and design companies.

The majority of FCEA graduates are employed.

Today a good builder is in demand.

Also the Faculty is in charge for some master’s study programs.

The master's degree is an in-depth development of the study profile preparing for experimental and theoretical research in the field of civil engineering and any related industries.

The main task of the Master's degree program is to prepare professionals for a following successful career in international and Russian companies. The Master's degree is recognized both in Russia and abroad, it gives an opportunity to feel confident in life, find a well-paid job, and provides a base for professional growth.


Study Programs

 Bachelor’s Degree

07.03.04 Urban Planning

   Urban planning

08.03.01 Civil Engineering

   Expertise and management in real estate

   Industrial and civil engineering

   Urban construction and economy

   Car roads and highways

20.03.01 Technosphere Safety

   Safety of technological processes and production

20.03.02 Environmental Engineering and Water Conservation

   Engineering systems of watering and water supply

21.03.02 Land Management and Cadastres

   Urban cadastre


Master’s Degree

08.04.01 Civil Engineering

   Calculation and design for industrial and civil engineering

   Control and supervision in civil engineering

20.04.01 Technosphere Safety

   Safety of technological processes and production



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