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VyatSU Educational Center in Kirovo-Chepetsk

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VyatSU Educational Center in Kirovo-Chepetsk has been successfully working within educational environment of town schools for a long time already. Its history began in 1965, when a Teaching and Counseling Center (TCC) was established. The purpose of this organization was providing some practical and scientific assistance to the basic production named "Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant". The TCC had worked until 1984, when it was transformed into the Evening Faculty. Since November 1999 it has become a branch of VyatSTU, and since 2015 - the Educational Centre of Vyatka State University.


More than 3 thousand specialists have been educated in the center since that time.

Today the Education Center is still inextricably linked to the Chemical Plant (now it is a subsidiary to OAO URALCHEM in Kirovo-Chepetsk).

Human Resources Department of the company is a permanent partner of the University branch.

The quality of specialists is guaranteed by a high level of their teachers. At the moment 15 Doctors of Sciences and 53 Candidates of Sciences from VyatSU deliver their lectures there.

Outstanding Kirovo-Chepetsk specialists such as Z.L Baskin, Doctor of Chemical Sciences and member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, V.Y. Zakharov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, E.V. Krasnov, and V.A. Samara share their knowledge and experience there as well.

Some kind of quality evaluation of the branch is the fact that a lot of former students finished it 20 years ago now sent their children to study there.

Training is carried out in part-time and correspondence forms that give the students an opportunity to work and study simultaneously.

The Educational Centers together with VyatSU teachers do a lot of training and orientation work for the town schoolchildren. They deliver various lectures and conduct laboratory works in Chemistry to them.

Director of the Educational Center: Tatiana Kudryavtseva


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