Оur university

List of the largest projects


1. Internationalization of internal conflicts in US foreign policy (1945 - 2001): planning, information support, military-political participation.

2 Parallel multiple-precision linear algebra algorithms for high-performance computing systems with graphic processors.

3. Development of materials and creation of theoretical foundations for the production of new polymer composite materials based on thermoplastic elastomers that provide effective damping of vibrations of natural and man-made origin in a wide temperature-frequency range, including in the conditions of the Arctic and the Far North of the Russian Federation.

4. Development of a system for automated control of welding processes with information output to a PC.

5. Development of formulations for environmentally safe solid dispersants used to clean up oil spills in marine areas.

6. Development of a device for measuring the resistance to current spreading of the grounding device of poles of 110 kV overhead lines without disconnecting the ground wire with a flexible current sensor.

7. Determination of methods for detecting heavy residues of primary distillation in oil, conducting an examination of oil samples for the presence of heavy residues of primary distillation.

8. Development of a mechanism for the introduction and extension of temporary state price regulation (national level) and criteria for assessing the impact of temporary state price regulation on the state of competition in the commodity markets of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union.

9. Development of recommendations for the formation of official statistical information based on the results of the 2021 agricultural micro-census.

10. Development of recommendations for improving the methods for generating household expenditure totals based on the data from the sample household budget survey in accordance with the Eurostat recommendations on the harmonization of household expenditure survey programs in the EU Member States (stage 2021).

11. Development of a financial and economic justification for the formation of a system of compulsory social insurance against unemployment.

12. Development of recommendations for the dissemination of the results of selective observation of the health status of the population.

13. Optimization of the method of sealing and electrical insulation of the current collectors of a battery of tubular fuel cells.

14. Investigations of thermomechanical behavior of sealed connections of fuel cell battery.

15. Implementation of a set of measures aimed at restoring the disturbed state of the territory polluted with nitrogen compounds in the area affected by the chalk tailings, including the floodplain lakes Beryozovoe and Bobrovoe.