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Electronic education in VyatSU

Since September 2013 the University has been preparing correspondence and part-time students using e-learning and distance educational technologies in 14 areas of bachelor's degree (Law, Management, Economics, Personnel Management, State and Municipal Management, Business Informatics, Publishing, Organization of Work with Youth, Pedagogical Education, Applied Informatics, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations, Construction, Trading Business), specialist program (Economic Security), 6 master's programs (Management for Industry Sectors, Law, Economics, Finance and Credit, Pedagogical Education, Technosphere Safety) and 2 programs of VyatSU College (Finance, and Land and Property Relations).

VyatSU advanced technical and technological base, highly professional teachers, competent management, experienced mentors and innovative teaching methods are at student’s disposal. At the moment over 3 thousand students study at VyatSU on a distance basis.

VyatSU educational portal www.do-kirov.ru was highly appreciated by international experts.

VyatSU e-learning system received European accreditation and the quality mark UNIQUe in 2013.

In 2014/2015 academic year VyatSU took part in the National contest to receive the first independent award for e-learning. VyatSU e-learning system became the winner of this competition (took the 1st place) and got a prestigious prize "Best in e-learning" in the nomination "The Best E-Learning Project at University".

In 2015/2016 academic year VyatSU e-learning system took part in a Contest for Innovative Projects in the sphere of science and higher education within the III International Scientific-Practical Conference "E-learning in Lifelong Learning 2016" and as a result was given a diploma of the winner for the 1st place in the nomination "The Best Project among Educational Systems Focused on Organization and Support of Educational Process."

Electronic resources of the educational portal www.do-kirov.ru:

- "Training site" is for distance learning students;

- "Virtual laboratory for teachers" is for distance learning of teachers who work in e-learning area;

- "Open University" is for holding open public webinars;

- "Repository" is for keeping and developing teaching materials and testing University students;

- "Resource for supporting independent work of full-time and correspondence students"; etc.

To apply please contact:

e-mail: mail@do-kirov.ru

Tel: +7(8332)74-29-90




Address: Kirov, Karl Marks St, 77 (Building 5), office 111


Direction of training

Bachelor program "Business Informatics" Bachelor "State and municipal management"

Bachelor degree in "Publishing"

Bachelor Of Management

Bachelor in "Organization of work with youth"

Bachelor's program "Pedagogical education"

Bachelor degree "Applied computer science" Undergraduate "Psychology"

Baccalaureate "Advertising and public relations"

The Bachelor Program "Sociology"

Bachelor In "Construction"

Bachelor "trading business"

Bachelor's program "personnel Management" to open the description in a new window)

Bachelor In "Economics"

The Bachelor In "Jurisprudence"

Specialty "Economic security"

Master Of Management

Master's program "Pedagogical education"

The master's degree programme "Technosphere safety"

Master in "Finance and credit

Master's Degree In "Economics"

Master's Degree "Jurisprudence" Of College Vyatgu "Finance"

College Vyatgu "Land and property relations"