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About the VyatSU Veterans' Organization

The VyatSU Veterans organization celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012.

The Veterans organization was founded on the 20th of October 1982 at the general meeting of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The organization was composed of  30 people. The organizing committee developed the ”Regulations”  and  chose the first Veterans Council’s members, (5 people). The Chancellor and the Party Committee actively  participated in Veterans Council’s selection. Professor Vadim F. Fonkin, Doctor of Engineering Science, was selected as the Veterans Council’ Chairman.

The purpose of the veterans' organization is to help the Rector  and the Party Committee in the patriotic education of students, teachers and staff of the University.

The plan of the patriotic education, the creation of the council and methods of working with young people were worked out. The council included:

* the dean of the historical department, docent, Cand. Sc. {History} Anatoliy G.Tinskiy;

* the dean of the Department of Automation and Computing Machines, docent,          Doctor of Science Anatoliy A. Shibanov;

* the engineer of the Department of Machine Building Automation Vladimir L.Falevskiy;

* docent, Doctor of Science Nikolay D.Pravdin.

During 20 years of activity of the Veterans organization 4 different Councils of Veterans’, composed of different individuals[Sl1], worked well.

The first veteran’s council worked out the basis in patriotic education of students. They made three albums devoted the participants of the Great Patriotic War from the university, and in stages of war too.

Nina Konstantinovna Markova was the complier of World War II participants’ lists, and she collected the necessary information in the record book about university’s veterans. She was an active participant and  Veterans Council’s member from 1987 to 2006, and the Veterans council’s vice-chairman.

Klara Stepanovna Krasnova was the organizer  of duties in Veterans Council’s Committee till 1991.

Anna Nikolaevna Zhurnakova, Anna Ilinichna Petukhova gathered materials for the creation of the museum.

In 1983, the first display stand about veterans was opened in front of the assembly hall. The Veteran Organization celebrated the Soviet Army’s anniversary. The Department of Civil Defense held students’ competitions. World War II Veteran V.K. Dryagin actively participated in celebrating the Soviet Army’s anniversary. A.A.Shibanov, a participant of Victory Parade 1945, A.S. Perestoronin talked to students about teacher’s activity. 

The second, the third and the fourth iterations of Veterans Council continue the first group’s  tradition in military-patriotic work with young students and develop new directions in the veteran organization’s activities. The last membership of Veterans Council has developed database about each veteran and digitized the data.

Organizational work consists of preparing and holding conferences, meetings, sittings and study. They worked on social security for veterans of war and the home front by installing telephones for people responsible for departments and subdivisions, they visited and are visiting lonely veterans, give attention to poor veterans (not only of our university, but also to veterans of Oktyabr’ district) by gathering clothes, books and other goods. Sales for poor veterans took place in 2008 and 2009.

In 1992-1995 poor veterans were given free meal tickets in caf? “Veteran”.  The teachers’ trade union allotted to non working[Sl2] veterans permits to the Health and Relaxation[Sl3] center every year.

The Veterans Council closely collaborates with the search committee of Vyatka State University “Torch[Sl4]”.  They held a conference “Labor exploits of youth in search committees” with the leadership of the search group in February 2007.

Our Veteran organization makes an invaluable contribution to holding competitive events for amateur art activities in city and regional organizations. Our university’s workers ensemble “Sudarushka” takes part in these competitions and, traditionally, it takes prize-winning places and wins awards. The 50th, 55th, 60th and 65th anniversaries of Victory Day were celebrated very interestingly. Particularly,  war and home front veterans are celebrated here  by awarding them medals and by conferring of rank.

The University’s Veterans Council has created albums: “Activities of The Veterans Council” since 1985, “To  the 50th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany”, “Dedicated to Home Front Veterans”, “To Veterans of the University”, “To the 55th Victory Anniversary”, album “For 20th Anniversary Vyatka State University’s History Museum”, “Our Guests”, “The History of the University since 2001 in Pictures”, “Dedicated to the Veterans Council”, “The Veterans Council is 20 years”, “Search Group “Torch”, “The Creation of “Sudarushka” ensemble”.

Two books were written in 2005 by the Humanities Department : “They Battled for the Homeland”, “The War through the Eyes of Children, ”and “Children of the War[Sl5] about the War” in 2010.

In 2007, for the 20th anniversary of primary veterans organizations, Vyatka State University’s veterans organization was given the 1st place among town’s universities. Vyatka State University’s Veterans Council got certificates and a monetary prize.


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