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A Botanical Garden of Vyatka State University is located in the town center and occupies 1.7 ha in total. It was created in 1912-1914, privately owned by a local nature lover Alexey A. Istomin (1872-1920).

After entering into an inheritance and getting retired, a former Colonel bought this land with a gully named Ovrag Zasora.

After the October Revolution this garden was nationalized and transferred to Vyatka Pedagogical Institute in 1923.

From May to September the garden is opened to visitors and is popular among residents and visitors of the town. In the old part of the garden there is an arboretum with a collection of trees.

A spring in a cave is a natural output of groundwater, and it gives rise to a brook flowing into a pool named Black Sea and further on to Karl Marx Street.



To the west from the Black Sea pool there is a variety of ornamental shrubs planted on a green lawn.

There is a floriculture sector in the central and north-western part of the garden.

A lot of expositions of the floriculture sector are under reconstruction. To the west from arboretum there is a large rectangular area with old plantings of peonies that is now gradually cleared out for a landscape design.

A large triangular shaped area in the center of the floriculture sector is called “iridary” (an Iris Garden or a garden there irises take the basic place).



The Botanical Garden pays a special attention to cultivation of rare plant that contributes to the preservation of the gene pool and is essential to the protection of local flora.

A special exhibition is now under development there, where the plants from the Red Book (or the Read Data List) of Kirov region will be represented.

In a winter greenhouse there is a collection of tropical and subtropical plants.



The Botanical Garden produces seedlings of annual plants and perennials, seeds of vegetables and flowers, fertilizers and pesticides, soils and films for greenhouses, indoor plants and fresh flowers.

All these goods can be bought in the shops of the Botanical Garden.


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