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The Museum of VSU history

15 April 1988 at the initiative of the University Administration, World War II veterans and University’s civil society organizations, the University History Museum was founded.

Nina Kuzmina, vice-chancellor for academic affairs and Assistant Professor in metals technology was the first head of the museum. She arranged collected material in chronological order and contributed a great deal to original exhibition design. She also started to systematize the displays.

The second head of the museum was S. Krjazcheva, who wrote the University’s chronology year by year. Under her direction on the occasion of University’s 35-th anniversary in 1988, the book “VSU – Biographical pages” by journalist V. Shishkin was published.

In March 2000 Galina Razanseva, senior teacher of the foreign languages department (who worked in the University since March 1965) held the appointment as the chief of the museum. 

In 2012 it was decided to reorganize the museum.

25 May 2013 in the hall on the 3rd floor of the main building (Moskovskaia St. 36) a new Viatka State University museum opened for the University’s 50th anniversary.

Currently, the exhibition named “The Link of Times” is there, which contains over hundred exhibit items connected with the history of creation, formation and development of the University (All-Union External Power Engineering Institute; Kirov External Polytechnic Institute; Viatka State Technical University; Vijatka State University). They are wonderfully supplemented by photos, depicting scientific, educational, athletic and creative activity of the previous years’ students. There you can also find their documents, belongings, models, books, handwritings, video on World War II veterans and post-graduate students, projects, developments and inventions of the University’s scientists, their creation works and triumphs. You can also visit the museum in absentia. For this we created the virtual excursion starting from the main building’s entrance. At first you must follow the emblem of the University. Going upstairs, follow the arrows near the stand. They’ll help you to examine every stand in details. To take a closer look on the displays press on the necessary shelf. Have a great excursion!

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