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The Basic University College offers unique studying profiles

VyatSU College was established in order to implement quality training of students in secondary vocational education and to realize an innovative idea of continuing education at the University: VyatSU College - Vyatka State University – post-graduate education.

VyatSU College provides training for demanded specialties in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards of secondary vocational education.



VyatSU College mission is

creating adaptive model of college as an open educational system,

flexibly responding to changes in a labor market, meeting educational needs of students and needs of leading companies of the region and local community (as main consumers).

College work combines traditional and innovative education, as well as fundamental and practical trainings. The College is focused on training of specialists in prioritized areas of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy and in accordance with the priority directions of University studying!

VyatSU College has got a rich material and technical base and advanced modern equipment. It gives a possibility to conduct classes in specially equipped laboratories of the University.

VyatSU College has got an active and creative teaching staff from the University.

The College teachers are qualified professionals, including Candidates of Sciences and well-known practicing specialists from various institutions and organizations of our city. The College teachers use modern methods and technologies of education.

The College students have an access to a material basis of the University: student’s dormitories, a new sports complex with a swimming pool and a research library.

The College students have numerous opportunities and conditions for their self-realization and development of their talents and creativity.

VyatSU College realizes modern training and methodological support of the educational process that is practice-oriented to employers' requests of Kirov region.

VyatSU College gives an opportunity for the graduates to continue their education in 100 directions of study at the Basic University of Kirov region. So their studying period is reduced to 3,5 years in total; and they don’t pass the United State Exam.

VyatSU College gives an opportunity to start an independent life and career earlier than one’s contemporaries!

To enter VytSU College school graduates (finished 9 or 11 grades) do not pass any exams or tests. Only their education documents and desire to get a prestigious profession at the age of 18 are required there.

The College cooperates with many Kirov and regional large companies and can guarantee trainee’s practices and further employment to the students.

VyatSU College Director is Lyudmila Vakhrusheva.


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2 period 10.00 - 11.30

3 period 11.45 - 13.15

4 period 14.00 - 15.30

5 period 15.45 - 17.15

6 period 17.20 - 18.50

7 period 18.55 - 20.25