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Residents of Russia will be introduced to the "Vyatka Assembly"

  • 26 August 2023, 23:03
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A private screening of the animated mini-series took place at the Vyatka State University “Engineerium”. The film, dedicated to the 650th anniversary of the city of Kirov, will be presented to a wide audience in September

Work has been completed on the animation project “Vyatka Assembly”, dedicated to the 650th anniversary of the city of Kirov and implemented within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the regional Ministry of Culture, Vyatka State University, Vyatka Art School "A.A. Rylov" and the Vyatka branch of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The author of the project, as well as the artist, screenwriter and director of the mini-series, was Maxim Naumov, director of the Vyatka Art School. "A.A. Rylov", deputy chairman of the Vyatka regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, teacher at Vyatka State University. The project team was made up of representatives of Vyatka State University: head of the press service Maria Sadakova-Ilyina, designer Alexandra Glushkova, professor of the department of Russian and foreign literature and teaching methods Ksenia Litsareva, employee of the employment center Ilya Bannikov. The creative group included the actor of the “Theater on Spasskaya” Alexander Korolevsky. A great contribution to the creation of the film was made by students of the Vyatka Art School  "A.A. Rylova".

On August 24, the results of collective work were presented at the Vyatka State University “Engineerium”. The film screening was held behind closed doors. The small audience consisted of representatives of government bodies, public organizations, the media, and the largest university in the region.

“Vyatka Assembly” is a cycle of 15 short films, no more than a minute long, each of which is dedicated to a well-known and significant personality for the history of the region. Architect Ivan Charushin, writers Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin and Alexander Green, artists Vasnetsov, cosmonaut Viktor Savinykh - these names make up the pride of the Vyatka land. On the eve of the city’s 650th anniversary, it was decided to remind not only Kirov residents, but all residents of Russia, about them.

It is no coincidence that this is how the invited experts watched the film - through the eyes of an ordinary viewer, who may not know much about Vyatka.

     "Within 15 minutes I felt well versed in the culture and history of the city. I liked the lightness, irony, and subtle humor of the films. There is a feeling that I want to watch a continuation" - VyatSU Rector Valentin Pugach expressed his opinion.

The governor of the Kirov region Alexander Sokolov became a participant in the viewing. Two months ago, he saw several pilot films of the "Vyatka Assembly" - now, having familiarized himself with the series in full, he shared:

     "I liked the project right away. It is unusual in its form. On the one hand, it shows the patriarchy of the 19th century, on the other hand, it has a very modern approach."

Alexander Valentinovich admitted that he also watched the film as a professional historian (according to his first higher education). He suggested making a few adjustments to make the material more accurate.

All participants in the discussion, which was lively and informal, noted the enormous amount of work done by the team. Many words of admiration were addressed to Maxim Naumov, a great artist with a unique, recognizable style.

The goal of the closed screening was achieved - now the mini-series will be finalized and shown to Kirov residents in September. Subsequently, other residents of Russia will see it: the series of the animated project will be an original presentation of the Vyatka land, generous with talents.


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