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Vyatka State University celebrated Student's Day!

  • 26 January, 00:07
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Vyatka State University celebrated Student's Day!

Representatives of all institutes of the largest university in the region, students of the Vyatka State University College and foreign students became participants in the traditional holiday on Theater Square.



On January 25, the Day of Russian Students, a traditional holiday was held at Vyatka State University. The venue was the main square of the city - it brought together teams from all institutes of the largest university in the Kirov region. As usual, the Vyatka State University College presented its team. The Association of Foreign Students, whose team was also among the participants, did not stand aside.

The students were greeted by the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government Svetlana Shumailova.

"Student years are the happiest years in a person's life. You are now in this happiness! I would like to congratulate you on behalf of the Governor of the Kirov Region Alexander Valentinovich Sokolov, on my own behalf, and wish you not only a happy student life, but that this life be filled with meaning, so that it is useful for you to receive the knowledge and practice at the university today. And the region is waiting for you in the future to enter enterprises and institutions. Teachers, engineers, doctors are so lacking in the Kirov region! All hope for you guys!" - with these words Svetlana Vitalievna addressed the participants of the holiday.

As always, the rector of the university Valentin Pugach congratulated people of the university.

"I love you very much! And I am very glad that we are together in the friendly family of our university!" - admitted Valentin Nikolaevich.



The "heroes of the occasion" were visited by "figures of the past", closely connected with the history of the Day of Russian Students. Empress Elizaveta Petrovna and the outstanding scientist Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov became guests at the Vyatka State University holiday. The start of the main action was given by the “shot” of the Tsar Cannon.

Comic competitions of teams in strength, dexterity, accuracy, speed became truly exciting. Funny relay races and competitions, unusual hockey and volleyball, tug of war were not easy tests. Each stage of the competition was equated to an "exam" - a format familiar to all participants. The "accompanying document" of each team, respectively, was the record book: it recorded the results of passing the stages. Directors of institutes, deans, teachers, employees of various departments of the Vyatka State University came to support the students. All of them have student experience - participation in the holiday caused nostalgia and joy for those who today are experiencing this exciting and wonderful time.



Having overcome all stages of the competition, the students gathered to sum up the results. The teams were awarded diplomas and gifts, surprises were waiting for individual participants. Finally, it was the turn of the announcement of the main results: who was more successful than the others in the joke exam, gaining the most points?

Vyatka State University College entered the top three (3rd place), students of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences won the second place. The team of the Institute of Economics and Management was declared the winner - they were awarded a cup, the main prize of the competition!

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