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Vyatka State University celebrated the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture

  • 24 May 2023, 18:58
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The traditional holiday, organized by the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications, was held at the Vyatka Philharmonic

The Day of Slavic Literature and Culture at Vyatka State University is traditionally celebrated on a grand scale. This year, a large event organized by the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications was once again held at the site at the main entrance to the Vyatka Philharmonic. The start of the celebration was preceded by a festive procession of those who appreciate and love the Russian language and culture.

The invariable inspirer and organizer of the event, Ksenia Litsareva, head of the REC in the field of the humanities of the university, called the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture "a celebration of the triumph of the great Russian word and the great Russian spirit."

Students and teachers, other guests of the holiday were greeted by the rector of Vyatka State University Valentin Pugach. He emphasized:

Today we are celebrating not only a national holiday - we are celebrating a truly national holiday of Russia. The celebration of the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture here, at the Philharmonic, takes place annually. Each time, I traditionally told your predecessors the words, which, of course, must be said today - that we are bearers of the deepest culture. We have the opportunity through the Russian language, culture, literature to join the very deep meanings, the historical heritage of our people.

The solemn part flowed into a concert, the participants of which were Kirov students and schoolchildren, teachers, representatives of various creative teams of the city. Students of the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications of Vyatka State University sang the song "Roads", and students of the Law Institute presented a fashion show inspired by the Dymkovo toy - the hallmark of Vyatka.

The choirs of the Vyatka theological school and the Vyatka Old Believer community, the university choir Gaudeamus performed before the public.

Particularly touching moments were the performances of foreign students who read poetry in Russian. Ahmed Mohamedelhassan (Sudan) performed the poem “There are no uninteresting people in the world…” by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Khalid Salah, also a representative of Sudan, read the poem "Where the Motherland Begins" by Mikhail Matusovsky. The feeling expressed by the great Alexander Pushkin in the famous "I loved you" was subtly conveyed by Ahmed Tawab (Afghanistan).


The bright finale of the holiday, as usual, was a cheerful round dance!


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Translated by Artemy Sizov