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Russian development will increase the safety and reliability of vehicles

  • 11 April 2022, 23:04
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A unique physical model that allows improving the suspension systems of wheeled vehicles was created by Vyatka State University scientists as part of a research team. According to them, the development will help improve the stability, handling, wear resistance and energy efficiency of cars, tractors and other equipment.

One of the important characteristics of cars and other wheeled vehicles, from the point of view of safety, is stability, that is, the ability to move on slopes without tipping over.

The probability of a rollover depends on the dynamics of the vehicle's center of gravity. According to scientists, it is not easy to accurately assess its position for transport on uneven surfaces, since a wide range of physical factors must be taken into account.

Specialists of the Vyatka State University proposed a model for accurately calculating the center of gravity of any wheeled vehicle, taking into account cargo, a trailer and other equipment. According to the creators, the model is practical convenience and improves the efficiency of suspension systems.

- Our methodology is based on a simple idea: any vehicle and cargo can be represented as separate geometric figures with their own center of gravity, based on the relative position of which you can calculate their common center of gravity, - explained Pavel Solonshchikov, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Safety and Engineering Systems of Vyatka State University.

By transforming existing types of suspension with the help of new data, a number of advantages can be achieved, scientists say.

- Due to vibration damping, passenger comfort will increase and driver fatigue will decrease, which will increase traffic safety. Mutual loads between the road and transport will also decrease, that is, the wear of the roadway, tires and a number of vehicle systems will slow down, – Solonshchikov emphasized.

In addition, according to Vyatka State University experts, the new suspension will increase the stability of the contact between the wheels and the road, which will improve handling and braking properties. Reducing vibrations within the vehicle's systems will also improve its fuel efficiency.

The proposed model, according to the creators, will help improve the driving methods themselves, especially in agricultural production, where the likelihood of a vehicle tipping over is much higher due to driving on difficult terrain.

- Incorrect positioning of the load in the tractor bed or trailer can cause the center of gravity to shift drastically to the side or upwards. When driving, the force of gravity that keeps it from tipping over will no longer act along the vertical axis of the car, which will make it difficult to control, - said Pavel Solonshchikov.

The study was conducted jointly with specialists from the Vyatka State Agrotechnological University. In the future, the research team intends to improve the new model, as well as to create on its basis experimental samples of improved suspension systems.

Source - RIA Novosti