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VyatSU once again confirmed the high level of pedagogical education, entering the top 20 subject rating of the best Russian universities RAEX

  • 2 April 2022, 11:04
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The evaluation was carried out on the basis of objective indicators without using the results of expert surveys

On March 30, the RAEX agency published the results of the new rating. The “Three Missions of the University” family of ratings has been replenished with a line of subject ratings of Russian universities. Vyatka State University took 19th place in the direction of "pedagogical education".

Universities were evaluated on the basis of data from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, scientometric data from Clarivate Analytics and Scopus, the organizers of student competitions “I am a professional”, the SCAN-Interfax media and social media monitoring and analysis system, online course aggregators, the Alexa web analytics platform, as well as social networks.

When evaluating the first - educational - mission of universities, the quality of training of enrolled students, the staffing of the university, the competitiveness of master's programs, the amount of funding, the results of students' performances at Russian student Olympiads, and the number of massive online courses were evaluated.
The indicators of the “Science” group included bibliometric indicators (publications and their citation) according to the Web of Science, Scopus and RSCI databases, income from research adjusted for the scale, the scale of training of highly qualified personnel (postgraduate studies, residency), the number of theses defenses, as well as the specific the weight of extrabudgetary sources in the total amount of research and development costs.

When evaluating the public mission of universities, both subject and institutional indicators related to the university as a whole were taken into account. So, at the subject level, a comparison was made by indicators measuring the contribution of the university to the training of personnel for the region, the share of students in the direction across the country, the share of enrolled target students, the share of first-year students from other regions. The institutional level criteria, also used in the “Society” group, are the amount of income from FVE programs and the number of those trained on them, the diversity of knowledge at the university level (the number of programs for which admission is conducted), the audience of the university website and the number of subscribers in social networks, as well as the frequency of mentioning the university in the media.

In total, 136 universities from 41 regions of Russia were included in the subject rankings of universities.

Commenting on the high result of the largest university in the Kirov region, VyatSU Rector Valentin Pugach noted:

Pedagogical education is one of our priorities. The university conducts research on various aspects of teacher training. Now we are creating a Directorate for Pedagogical Education. It is important for us to take into account the point of view of all participants in the educational process: heads of educational organizations of various types, young teachers, students, parents. Together we are modeling the image of an ideal teacher - this is the subject of a series of events that started just the other day.

A single educational space has now been formed in the region, which ensures the high quality of training of specialists. Through the basic department of pedagogical technologies and subject methods of Vyatka State University, there is interaction with a wide network of educational organizations, which are the platforms for the practice of our students.

Today, Vyatka State University is taking an important step towards the formation of an ecosystem for teacher training. I believe that our main successes are yet to come.

We also note that in December 2021, the Association of Ranking Compilers and the RAEX Rating Agency, with the support of the Russian Union of Rectors and information assistance from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, for the first time published a pilot version of local rankings of Russian universities. As part of the study, an independent assessment of the educational and scientific potential of universities, their impact on the social environment was carried out. Vyatka State University has become one of the top 5 universities in the Volga Federal District.


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