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An automated line for the production of cottage cheese was created in Kirov

  • 16 January, 19:47
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An automated line for the production of cottage cheese was created in Kirov. Kirov specialists have introduced a robot into the technological process of producing cottage cheese

This device will help manufacturers modernize the process of obtaining a well-known fermented milk product.

Employees of the Engineering Center, which operates on the basis of the Vyatka State University, have completed development work on the creation of an automated line for the production of cottage cheese. The head of the center Igor Krinitsyn told the details.

According to him, the key feature of the automated line is the modernization of the curd pressing and cooling unit by adapting its design to interact with a collaborative robot. The very concept of "robot" implies the use of an automatic device designed to carry out production operations that are usually performed by a person. The robot, being a flexible, easily reconfigurable machine, is able to independently interact with the main mechanisms of the production line in automatic mode.

Thus, the specialists of the Engineering Center were among the first to introduce the robot into the technological process in the food industry, in particular, into the process of obtaining cottage cheese.

“We emphasize that, in fact, this is one of the first examples of the use of a collaborative robot in a technological process, and not in auxiliary, reloading, packaging, labeling operations,” Igor Krinitsyn noted.

Applying this development, manufacturers can modernize existing production, cascade increasing the degree of automation and productivity of the line for the production of cottage cheese, and those who do not have it, purchase it with a full range of works - design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning to obtain the finished product.

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